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Surge ended regular season in 4th place and will compete in post season play.


South Florida Bragging Rights

Surge bet Boca 5-0


Another Win

Surge beats Pinellas 2-0


Surge Beat Sol

061116 Game Recap

Welcome to FC Surge

In January 2013, team FC Surge was founded as a women’s soccer franchise for purposes of joining the Women’s Premier Soccer League (“WPSL”). As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to promoting and enhancing the development of women’s soccer in the South Florida region.

Although we are a fairly new organization, the FC Surge consists of a very talented core of experienced and skilled players who have competed in the WPSL for several years. Our players range in age from 16 years to up to 30+, and include current college, post-college, and international players. With both veterans and young talent, it is our hope that the FC Surge will become a verifiable force to be reckoned with in the emergent world of women’s soccer.

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